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Welcome to the Ispra Linux User Group (a.k.a IspraLUG).

If you're not a member, you can contact us at mailinglist [at] ispralug [dot] eu

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, March 1st 2013, 20:00: Paninsubric Linux dinner

About IspraLUG

The IspraLUG (Ispra Linux User Group) is a group of people interested in Linux and living in the vicinity of Ispra (VA).

Everyone is welcome to the IspraLUG, from a complete beginner curious to learn about GNU/Linux to professionals working with Linux on a daily basis. We meet once a month and communicate through our mailing list. The main goal of the IspraLUG is to share knowledge on GNU/Linux, or Open Source in general. We also introduce interested people to GNU/Linux and help each other with individual problems related to GNU/Linux. In addition, we advocate GNU/Linux and Open Source to a and variety of organizations/institutions mainly through petitions to these organizations (e.g. the European Commission).

President: Dimitrios Symeonidis; Vice-President/Secretary: Malte Leip

Please see our Leaflet for some information!

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